Ocean to River – 5 reasons to try a river cruise

Love ocean cruising – here’s 5 reasons to try a river cruise!

1 ) You adore rooms with a view

Almost all cabins on river cruises offer a view and even the rooms under the waterline add a wonderful, whimsical touch to your journey – there’s nothing quite like spotting little webbed feet out of your porthole as a duck drifts by!

2) You want to stay in a luxury, spacious cabin

Although river cruise liners are smaller, the cabins tend to be larger than those on ocean-going ships. The luxurious fittings, décor and facilities create elegant rooms which wouldn’t be amiss in a 5-star hotel, while the open balconies offer breathtaking views.

3) You love city breaks

Cruise past spectacular city landscapes, hop off to explore everything the city has to offer, then sail away to your next cultural gem! With a river cruise you dock in the city so transfer times are short and you can explore cities larger ships can’t access.

4) You’re adventurous

River cruises might have a reputation for gently drifting along the tame waters but these luxurious ships will surprise adventure-seekers. Intrepid travellers can explore the Amazon, the Mekong river, the Irrawaddy and many more exotic delights by river.

5) You enjoy meeting people

One of the advantages of the smaller size of river cruise ships is that you are travelling with like-minded people. Friendly staff and fellow travellers make for a wonderful combination and means there’s always someone to share travelling tales with.

The choices you have for your cruise holiday are almost endless and this is the great reason why a cruise will perfectly meet your needs.  That choice is another reason why you should seek expert advice when making your selection.

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Ocean to River – 5 reasons to try a river cruise
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