John Watson CLIA Cruise Master 2018

John Watson | Cruise Master – CLIA’s Highest Accolade

John Watson of Travel Counsellors has been awarded ‘Master Status’ by the Cruise Lines International Association. (CLIA UK & Ireland), the world’s largest cruise industry trade association.

Recognising John as being at the pinnacle of his knowledge in the industry, the CLIA Master Accreditation has only been awarded to approximately 50 individuals in the UK, and recognises John’s dedication to training and development in order to provide excellent service and expert advice to his customers.


Having been in the travel industry for over 20 years and the last 12 years as a Travel Counsellor, John use to work as a manager for a large High Street agency before setting up business himself as part of the Travel Counsellors Franchise.

Since then he has never looked back and has continued to sail to success, growing his business on personal service.

Choosing a cruise is not as easy as you may believe; there are so many cruise lines now available which offer different styles, tastes and suitability and it’s my job to go through the options and help find the right cruise experience for my customer. In order for me to do this however, it’s important for me to invest a large amount of my time in training and developing my knowledge and experience and I’m pleased to say this has paid dividends – I’m absolutely delighted to be one of so few people to be awarded Master status by CLIA – John Watson.

CLIA cruise training for travel agents is the only City & Guild’s accredited agent training programme in the UK and consists of over 50 dedicated modules covering a wide range of topics from cruise destinations to cruise line specific training.

There are three levels of Accreditation within the programme; Accredited, Ambassador & Master, with Master being the most exclusive accreditation level acknowledging those who have completed the vast majority of the training modules, compiled written blogs and experienced much of the industry first hand.

John Watson CLIA Cruise Master 2018

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