Thinking of booking your dream cruise?

If you are a first time cruiser or even a seasoned cruiser and about to make one of your larger or possibly even the largest purchase in your life other than your house in terms of a world cruise, would it not make sense to make your booking with someone who can offer you trust, care and expertise?

As an accredited ‘Master’ for the Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA UK), I have the distinction of achieving its highest accolade, demonstrating my commitment to cruise having studied widely on all aspects of cruise holidays and the ability to share knowledge and insight from my first-hand experience of cruise travel amongst both my peers and customers.

I literally live, talk and breathe cruise every day of the week and have done so for over 12 years with Travel Counsellors.

I have been fortunate to live my dream stepping aboard ships from all the all major cruise lines from the ultra-luxury brands such as Silversea, Regent and Seabourn to the more mainstream such as P&O Cruises – Britain’s favourite cruise line.

The main advantage when booking with me is that you will receive a highly personalised service which the cruise lines or other competitors quite frankly do not have the time or inclination to match. Also, add to the fact, that a cruise line can only pass comment on their own product which is no help when you are considering choosing between different lines for example.

My first hand cruise experience and regular conversations with returning passengers affords me the luxury of being able to offer advice with choosing the best style of cruise, ship or cabin location.

So, you must be thinking that this sounds great but will cost me extra? Not so, we offer price parity, so booking with us will not cost you anymore than booking direct and often will save you money as we have access to many cruise lines net rates and for special occasions, will often offer small incentives to make your cruise more memorable – something the cruise line will often charge you extra for nowadays.

In addition, if required, I will update your pre-cruise passenger information on your behalf, add special diet/medical requests, assist with visa information if required and print/issue final documentation, and baggage tags (which most cruise lines do not issue now).

Don’t just take my word for it, many of my customers have left their own stories describing how I have helped them with their cruise experiences.

I look forward to talking to you!

Bon voyage John

Ready to book your dream cruise?

The choices you have for your cruise holiday are almost endless and this is the great reason why a cruise will perfectly meet your needs.  That choice is another reason why you should seek expert advice when making your selection.

If you would like to discuss or book any of the cruise holidays featured or have a general holiday enquiry, please feel free to contact me!

John Watson
Official Travel Agent of the cruise industry

01304 897830   (UK passengers only)




Thinking of booking your dream cruise?

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